Interlaken and surroundings

    • Bern is Switzerland’s largest canton, with the Oberland including the Interlaken, the heart of paragliding in Switzerland and residence of 3 of the most famous schools as well as the home of Advance, the premium paraglider manufacturer.

      The wide valley from Thun to Meiringen has more than 25 official start places, and the connected valleys of Lauterbrunnental and Kandertal provide a further 42. If that were not enough neighbouring Sarnertal and Melchtal add 20 more!

      Along the lakes of Thun and Brienz there are numerous south facing slopes with dependable thermals, and the valley is wide enough to limit the strength of the valley winds. Airspace in along this corridor is interrupted by Switzerland’s main fast jet base at Meiringen and the REGA heliport at Wilderswil so be careful where you fly.

      In the Jungfrau region, the connected areas of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnental offer great variety of flying. This ranges from high altitude starts from the Jungfrau (3460m), gentle, dependable thermals over Grindelwald, through to the sheer cliffs of Murren. This gives ample choice for xc flights along the Lauterbrunnental or traversing Klein Schiedegg to connect from Grindelwald to Murren.

      At Murren, you will enjoy an immediate 740m AGL, or even 2080m if you start from Schilthorn. This gives you plenty of altitude to practice more challenging manoeuvres in the company some of of the best swiss acro pilots as they practice championship moves. Murren also has unique airspace restrictions to ensure separation of gliders and base jumpers.