• Engadin encompasses the Swiss ski areas of Klosters and Davos, and is renowned for strong thermal conditions, allowing long flights for both distance and duration.

      In the height of summer, Engadin should only be flown by experienced thermal and xc pilots, and start, route and landing options should be carefully considered with local help.

      In early spring or autumn, the thermal intensity reduces to make this a great place for intermediate pilots to hone their thermal skill in dependable thermal conditions without testing your limits. The rolling terrain interspersed with more alpine valleys give this area great variety, and a hugh range of xc routes.

      Several sites also have great cableway connections allowing those wishing to practice manoeuvres or those missing the thermals to still enjoy a lot of air time.

      Flying over famous areas such as Davos or Klosters provides for an aerial tourism other cannot enjoy, but also comes with unique airspace restrictions during the gatherings of world leaders, so dropping in on your favourite Prime minister, simply is not possible.