Engelberg Valley

    • Engelberg is one of the most popular areas for paragliding in Switzerland. It comprises a wide open amphitheatre around Engelberg itself, and a network of valleys connecting Engelberg with the lake of Luzern.

      Around Engelberg, numerous south facing slopes create a breeding ground for thermals, affording long flights and great xc opportunities. In calm conditions flights from the glacier start place on Titlis (3200m) are possible.

      In Engelberg Valley, there are over 17 official starting points, and many more for the hike-and-fly enthusiasts. Some sites offer an immediate AGL of over 800m, making them perfect to practice more challenging, or even acro, manoeuvres. Do not be at all surprised to be flying here with some of the best swiss acro pilots as they practice routines the rest of us can only dream about.

      For the experienced xc pilots, Engelberg provides several standard routes along the valley, as well as towards the cantons of Luzern, Uri or Bern, but Engelberg Valley is also known for several areas where high cables create aerial obstacles. We strongly recommend that you do not fly here alone without local guidance.