Guided Paragliding Holidays

    • We recognise that your flying time is precious.

      Time spent preparing to fly in unfamiliar conditions or regions is time away from the air. As a visitor you have a major disadvantage over pilots with local knowledge: Known thermals, hidden take-offs, and tricky landings all elude you.

      Weather conditions are also very different from region to region within Switzerland. The alpine winds and thermal structures are quite different from the flatland and soaring sites you know well.

      Mountain winds such as the Föhn are known to produce turbulent conditions and can be extremely dangerous, particularly in the valleys. Regional winds like the Bise also have a dramatic effect on the best choice of start locations.

      There are also significant hazards in the alps that may be unfamiliar to you including many cable for transport and power, some of which are not marked on the air maps. All of this can make flying in the Alps intimidating to the uninitiated, and many visting pilots lack airtime in alpine flying conditions.

      We combine experience of local conditions and culture with familiarity with the start, landing and thermal areas.

      Mainly what you need is a little encouragement and advice, and someone to check your launch and landing, and will do this and more to help you optimise you flight time, stay safe, and enjoy the swiss culture.