Pilot Requirements

Pilots with a IPPI card level IV or V can fly freely. Pilots with IPPI card level III can only fly with supervision. See www.fai.org for details on the IPPI card

Speed flying: a Swiss speed flying license extension is required.

Tandem: not allowed unless you have a Swiss tandem licence.

All pilots must have a CHF 1 million third party insurance (about €630’000). You must carry proof of this with you. Low cost, short-term insurance is available online from SHV-FSVL.

Skyshepherd ‘s role is to help you enjoy your flying holiday: We are a host and a local guide, but you are solely responsible for your own actions, and their consequences.

what we will do:

  • we will choose sites we think you will enjoy

  • we will help you familiarise yourself with the weather, the flying area and the airspace

what we cannot do:

  • we cannot fly for you, and you need to take responsibility for your own safety

  • we cannot make your decision to fly or not, or how/where you fly

information on the requirements is available at the Swiss Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (www.shv-fsvl.ch) in German, French and Italian. A section with some English translations is also available.