• Ticino is Switzerland’s most southerly canton, and its italian connection is evident from the cuisine to the common language.

      Positioned between the central alpine ridge and the airspace of Milano, Ticino has a constrained gliding area, but this contains the expansive Monto Generoso, and Monte Lema as well as the valleys around Bellinzona, providing a total of 11 starting options.

      Xc options within Ticion are limited by forested areas and dense valleys, but the options into Italy to the west of Monto Lema, and east of Moto Generoso have distinct possibilities. Thanks to a well integrated public transport network, the return journey is simple, even including the detour to pick up Italian wine.

      Monto Generoso, with 1330m AGL, provides a popular choice for schools running safety training, with the landing site in the middle of the camping ground, and a complimentary, on demand, shuttle service back to the valley railway station.

      For pilots wishing to combine an idilic camping setting, spectacular sites, abundant air time with great food, Ticino is the destination of choice.