Valais / Wallis

    • Valais, the main wine areas of Switzerland, stretches parallel to the central alpine ridge, and follows the Rohne river to its source. The canton is home to the majority of Swiss xc distance records, using the corridor parallel to the central alpine ridge, following the eastern Rohne valley, over the Furka pass, and towards Realp, Andermatt and ultimately Chur.

      Even if your ambitions are more modest, Valais presents strong and abundant thermal conditions. In the hight of the season, Valais should only be flown by experienced thermal pilots, and choice of landing sites requires solid local knowledge to due the potential of very strong valley winds. In particular wind convergence landing sites such as Fiesch or Andermatt should be avoided in the summer.

      In the autumn or early spring, the thermals are still usable, and the valley conditions are much calmer, making it a good period for intermediate pilots to enjoy the area with more modest conditions. reliable thermals combined with a wide valley, and numerous official and unofficial landing sites make this an ideal place to begin (or improve) your xc career.